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promote a chat group

advertise your chat with banner ads on xat

You can use your xats to get your chat group promoted here.


(Edit your group to change)
(Minimum 0.5 in 1/2 hours.)
xats days
(e.g. / /
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buy a chat group

You can use your xats to transfer a chat group that is not being used to you.


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cost: xats
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convert days to xats

You can convert some of your days to xats here.



convert xats to days

You can convert some of your xats to days here.



buy a short user name

You can use your xats to buy a short user name (4-9 letters).


(Note: 'i' will always be lowercase 'L' will always be in uppercase.)
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cost: xats
buy (Only click once!)

buy powers

You can use your xats to buy special powers and abilities for the xath chat.


powersmileycostquantityor checkdescription
powerquantityunit pricetotalremove
storecheck xatsbackUse until:Your xatsback:(This amount will be deducted from the total price.)You have 0 xatsback.Buy xats, get xatsback.
storebuy powers (Only click once!)

subscribe to aces


Subscribe to aces and boost your account or chat with additional features.

  • Aces are subscribed with xats. They expire after the given duration.
  • Aces only work if you are a xath subscriber (have days).
  • Aces unlock features that can be turned on and off.
  • Each ace has a smiley. Only users subscribed to the ace can use it.
  • After subscribing, the remaining time for your ace is visible here.
  • Aces cannot be traded.
  • Aces are not included in Everypower.
  • Aces cannot be refunded.
  • The cost of subscription may change up and down depending on demand.